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My passion was to find the ultimate range of spa treatments and skincare products that really worked, were good for me and also felt luxurious. Unable to find such a range, I made it my business to create one. ESPA luxury spas and treatments were founded on the notion of beautifully natural products that enhance natural beauty. Every product should be a pleasure to use. Every spa experience should be life enriching. Ingredients must work with the systems of the body, not against them. Quality and performance, texture and fragrance should never be anything but exceptional. That was my vision and 20 years on I’m still perpetuating it – for myself, our spas, worldwide business partners, exceptionally trained therapists and the award-winning treatments enjoyed by ESPA users around the world every year.


Susan Harmsworth MBE. Founder of ESPA.


Relax. Recharge. Replenish. ESPA created the blueprint for design, build and operation of spas and changed the nature of spa treatments. Our spa heritage revolves around the experience of improving well being and vitality in the most enjoyable and efficacious way. For clients enjoying ESPA treatments and products worldwide, it’s the fulfilment of our deep-rooted belief that to keep pace with progress, you need to slow down and let mind, body and soul regroup. For our business partners, it has a different but equally refreshing interpretation. Relax in the knowledge that you’re making the right decision in your spa partner. Recharge your drive and ambition to flourish and grow. Replenish your revenue potential by associating your business with the unique pleasure of ESPA.


Inspiration. Innovation. Relaxation. Our inspiration was never to be the world’s biggest spa company but always the best. Every individually designed ESPA spa is different. Each has its own unique ‘sense of place’ and fits seamlessly into the surrounding property environment. Every aspect of the design, look and ambience is testimony to the innovation and attention to detail for which ESPA is renowned. We know the expectations of today’s discerning spa guests and how to exceed them. The ESPA brand is an international symbol of luxury, credibility and five-star service standards. It’s synonymous with a higher, deeper level of personal satisfaction and relaxation.


So passionate are we about luxurious, natural skin and body care that we choose to make all of our own products. We don’t believe in clinical formulas for their own sake. We prefer to use skin science more creatively – to unleash the full restorative potential of the purely and wholly natural active ingredients we’ve spent years researching and resourcing worldwide. It’s cutting edge technology helping (but never replacing) nature to work its magic in rejuvenating, revitalising and nurturing even the most sensitive skin.


Revitalised in body and mind. Youthful and exuberant in spirit and soul. Ready to face the world with renewed confidence. 

As the practitioners delivering the ESPA experience, your therapists and their training are vital to your success. Our award winning postgraduate Training Academy offers a comprehensive learning and development programme tailored to every therapist’s needs. All ESPA courses are taught by recognised trainers who are accomplished therapists themselves. Everything is focussed on enabling your standards to meet or exceed your guests’ high expectations.



Leading spas rely on our unrivalled spa knowledge, understanding and business support. From Delhi to Dubai, Moscow to Mexico, Tokyo to Bermuda, ESPA is an essential ingredient in many of the world’s finest spas. We have successfully partnered with hoteliers, property companies and spa owners in more than 50 countries around the world. They understand that luxury spas and spa products (and notably those from ESPA)  can generate significantly increased client stay and guest spend. They also know that in working with ESPA, no revenue opportunity, competitive advantage or training investment will be overlooked by our 150 strong global team of luxury spa experts. Our reputation rests purely on quality standards and financial returns. So everyone from our business partners to the ESPA clients gets the star treatment.


Best. But always seeking better.

People talk about being award winning after one award. We’ve won 256 to date from leading industry authorities and publishers. More significantly, the awards are also voted for by the spa guests themselves.

Best Spa Brand, Best Spa Consultancy, Best Spa Company, Best In-House Training, Most Inspiring Spas – you name it we’ve won it. Over 90% of our spas have picked up awards, with our spa in Galway being the only to achieve a score of 100% in the Leading hotels of the World Audit.

We’re always happy to receive awards but even happier to know we’re getting our spas and products right.


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