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Specialists in all we do, the expertise, passion and aptitude of our global team has resulted in the creation of over 500 spas across 58 countries. ESPA have over a 100 dedicated and passionate employees from Spa Design & Pre-Opening Consultants, International Trainers, International Spa Operations, Marketing & PR, Studio & Content and Social Media Teams, Digital Department, Legal Counsel, Finance & Accounts. Together under our parent company, THG we have over 8,000 employees and are global leaders in beauty and nutrition. THG is a global ecommerce and technology business, specialising in taking brands direct to consumers.. Proud of our heritage and confident in our future, we look forward to sharing our expertise, capabilities and holistic philosophy with you and your clients.

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Sarah | Vice President Technical Services and Development

Sarah has worked in the spa industry for over 28 years and with ESPA since 2000. Her passion, skills and experience enable her to work comprehensively across all phases of spa conceptualisation, planning, design and development. Her portfolio encompasses prestigious destination resorts, city spas, residential and wellness retreats and has a proven track record of delivering award-winning spas, globally. This has understandably positioned Sarah as a respected authority and in-demand professional in the global spa industry today and a worthy and accomplished leader.

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Daniel | ESPA General Manager

With over 18 years’ experience in the beauty and skincare industry, his passion for luxury skincare has spanned a career from the shop floor through to training and management. Passionate about his people and partners, Daniel brings a wealth of commercial and industry experience that drives the ambitions for the ESPA brand on a global scale.

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Caroline - Black and white picture of a blonde-haired white woman smiling.

Caroline | Global Brand Director

An expert in developing go-to-market strategies for new products, campaigns and services, and specialising in achieving marketing and sales targets. Experienced in Brand Management & Activation, PR, Digital Marketing and Sales, Caroline creates new processes to benefit businesses and ensure day-to-day activities in a marketing department are highly effective and profitable.

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Melanie | Senior Associate: Spa Development

Melanie is instrumental for every project she manages - bringing the team together, setting out the project vision, ensuring every customer touchpoint is optimised and every stage completed on time. Her eye for detail and conceptual vision for unique and standout spa design makes her an integral member of the team, while her high standards and structured approach are most reassuring for the Property Owners, Developers, Interior Designers, Architects and Lighting Designers with whom she liaises daily.

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Annette | Senior Associate: Spa Development

With a career spanning 15 years in hospitality design, Annette brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project with a keen interest in Biophilic Design and Design for Wellbeing. With an ability to develop projects from initial concept creation through to detailed design and site implementation, Annette thrives on working with the project design consultants to deliver exceptional spa journeys.

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Gemma - Black and white picture of a dark-haired white woman smiling.

Gemma | Head of Digital

With a proven, successful and experienced track record with ESPA since 2005, Gemma has been on a journey from Therapist to Regional Business Manager for the North West. Gemma drives ESPA forward to be at the forefront of changing the landscape of the Spa industry, taking both our brand and partners in to the digital world, all whilst encapsulating ESPA’s true heritage.

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Grace - Black and white picture of a dark-haired white woman smiling.

Grace | Content and Social Media Manager

Within only a few short months of joining ESPA, Grace was recognised as future talent for the brand, understanding how to grow our global reach digitally and effectively. Boasting a proven track record for campaign creation, content writing and building social media profiles, Grace has grown ESPA's global social reach to an audience of over 120,000.

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Hayley - Black and white picture of a blonde-haired white woman smiling.

Hayley | Head of Europe and ROW / EMEA & Indian Ocean

With 13 years of first-hand international experience, Hayley holds valuable knowledge of cultural spa trends from around the world, which support ESPA's valued partners. Hayley has a keen eye for detail in, helping Spas achieve global awards and industry recognition by managing finances and analysis, bespoke marketing and PR, quality assurance audits and strategic planning.

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Kelly - Black and white picture of a blonde-haired white woman smiling.

Kelly | UK Sales Director

With a wealth of commercial experience, Kelly has spent time covering roles for Benefit Cosmetics and was the Regional Manager for Illamasqua, since then Kelly has delivered impressive results with our partners firstly as Head of Retail Sales and more recently as Head of Colour Cosmetics. With Kelly’s ambitious drive and determination, she is a pivotal member of the team as we grow even bigger and better.

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